About MeLE

MELE TECHNOLOGIES (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD., founded in July 2011, Is a subsidiary of Shenzhen MeLE Digital Technology Ltd,is a high-tech enterprise integrating product R & D, manufacturing, supply chain integration, marketing and brand operation.

MeLE’s main products include Fanless NUC PC, Video Conference System, HD Multi-Media Player,Mini Cinema System, Digital Signage Solution, Wireless multi-room audio system, Smart Led integrated with CCTV Monitoring System and other innovative products. MeLE also provides property management service, accelerated entrepreneurship start-up service (including new product R&D, production planning, and market planning for the overseas marketing service etc.), affiliated enterprises to provide processing services for trial/mass production. MeLE has passed ISO9001 i& ISO14001 certification.

R&D Advantages

Company R&D Center, as the one of the most important center with most strategic value in MeLE, consists of four key aspects covering Forward-looking Technology Research, IC Solution Design and development, Product Specification and Engineering, Industrial Design.
The primary functions of the R&D Center include software design, hardware design, industrial design, structure and mechanical design, GUI Graphical User Interface design, and application testing. MeLE R&D Center ensures leadership on technological innovation, application convergence, and speedy productizations of new technologies.

Forward-looking Technology Research
MeLE utilizes network technology, full HD encoding and decoding technology, data storage and management technology, X86 & ARM based firmware and hardware application technology, to plan the technical features and product roadmap, and to synchronize new product development effort across different teams (MeLE, customer, and suppliers), adhering to the market - oriented value innovation, through the technology & market trends and Research on competitors. Close partnership with chipset solution providers and strong and fast R&D support, enables MeLEs customers to enjoy a time-to-market advantage of 3 -6 months.

Common Technology Development
To keep leading multi-media application technology development, innovation, high-quality productizations, MeLE has creatively established a new product development process with platformization, standardization, and modularization. For software design, hardware design, and mechanical design etc., MeLE adopts common platform and common module development approach according to different functional blocks and different technology categories. For example, MeLE has developed remote update and control module , content sharing module, browser function module, heat design application module, product EMI design module, stress design module, redundancy design module etc. By standardizing the common development modules, MeLE is able to effectively reduce production development cycle, manage development risk, and improve new product reliability and availability.

Industrial Design Innovation
MeLE’s ID Department is responsible for designing and developing new IDs for all MeLE brand’s and our premium customer brand’s products. With a convergence of technology, art, and culture, MeLE’s Industrial Design uses advanced tools for products design, mechanical and structural innovation, packaging and visual design and interaction design. Our product reflects a perfect connection between product development and end users. MeLE’s Industrial Design has become an effective way to enhance our product’s added value, increase product competitiveness, and shape our enterprise brand recognition.

Intellectual Property
One of MeLE’s key competences is our strong R&D. MeLE heavily invest in innovation and put a lot of emphasis on intellectual property rights protection. We have applied software design patents, invention patents, trade marks, utility model and ID patents. With our many engineers’s hard work and accumulated know-how, we have been able to enjoy a unique position of R&D advantages, overcome technical entrance barrier, and enter in to fair competition arena.